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"Lia granda ĉapelo estas bruna."

Translation:His large hat is brown.

May 29, 2015



Pharrell Williams...


that was actually all i could think about when i read that sentence lol


ĉapelo literally looks like the english word cap, why is cap wrong as a translation?


ĉapelo comes from French chapeau, which means hat. ĉapo means cap.

There is a difference between a cap and a hat but honestly most people don't seem to care, at least where I live (southern US)


This comment is old as ❤❤❤❤.

However, I'm from Texas. There are many words that people use interchangeably that have slight differences. Though for most, it's not necessarily considered important, nor worthwhile, detail.

Mi estas el Teksaso. Estas multaj vortoj ke homoj uzas interŝanĝeble kiuj havas malgrandajn diferencojn. Por plej homoj, tiun konsideras nek necesa nek inda detalo.


Oh, sorry! I didn't realize how old it was. My bad.

I'm from Texas as well! It's definitely rare to find someone who actually does differentiate between cap and hat here, but it can be hard to tell with other languages. Thanks for the response though!


The best hats are the black ones though^^


I answered "the big hat".... Rejected.

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