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  5. "Bring the napkins, please."

"Bring the napkins, please."

Translation:Принесіть, будь ласка, серветки.

May 29, 2015



must the phrase "будь ласка" stay only here? can I put it in the start or in the end?


Yes, you can. But it's better to have it either in the middle or in the end


I've also heard салфетка used for napkin. Is that common?


It's the Russian translation of серветка, you heard it from Russian speakers or people who speak суржик, a mishmash of Russian and Ukrainian.


Can you tell me please, what is the grammar behind принесіть word? Why is not it принесіте as it is in дайте?


"Принесіте" actually sounds kind of natural to my ear, just very very obsolete and poetic :)

Some verbs have the form "-те" (e.g. співайте, ставайте, читайте) and some "-іть" (пишіть, кажіть, робіть, сидіть).

For sure the ones that in 2nd person singular (ти) end with "" (сиди, пиши, роби) will end with "-іть" in plural (сидіть, пишіть, робіть); the ones that end with "" (стань, кинь) or "-ай" (сідай, давай, чекай) will have the same form as 2ps but + "-те" (so "-ьте" or "-айте"): (станьте, киньте; сідайте, давайте, чекайте).

But I can't seem to find some way to group those by meaning, sound or anything... It might be something about the end consonant, or about the aspect, or directionality, but so far I don't see it :')


I LOVE the question! So far what I've figured out: it depends on the ending in infinitive

-ати -> 1) -ай/айте (читати, співати, копати, ховати -> читай/читайте, співай/співайте, ...) 2) -уй/уйте (фарбувати, рахувати -> фарбуй/фарбуйте, рахуй/рахуйте)

-іти, -ити -> 1) -и/іть (робити, сидіти -> роби/робіть, сиди/сидіть) 2) -ий/ийте for some short words (мити, лити -> мий/мийте, лий/лийте)

There are some exceptions and special words. E.g. кидати -> кинь/киньте, сідати -> сядь/сядьте.


Is "Prynesit' servetky, bud' laska" also ok?


How do I know whether to say дайте or принесіть?


I was thinking the samething thanks


So "bring" is not a transitive verb??


Well, I've checked that серветки can be both Nominative plural and Accusative plural for of серветка.


It is, it requires an object after it. You cannot just say "I brought yesterday", brought what?

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