"Jede Katze mag Milch."

Translation:Every cat likes milk.

September 29, 2013

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Just to let you guys know, dairy products are bad for cats. I know, I love when their eyes get so big and they become very cute, but it's bad for them and they can become sick. (I have a cat and she's 81 years old in cat years [= 19 human years])

January 13, 2015


Is this correct? "Jede Katze mag Milch" = Every cat likes milk "Alles Katzen mögen milk" = All cats like milk


No. "Alle Katzen mögen Milch" would be correct. "alles" means "everything".


Jeder can be used for masculine and neuter both?


Jeder (masculine - last letter from 'der'). Jede (feminine - last letter from 'die'). Jedes (neuter - last letter from 'das').


No, only for masculine.


What's the difference between alles and jede?


From what Christian (above) says, it is the difference between each and all. It appears that 'jed-' does not have a plural form per se - its plural is declined as 'alle', 'alle', 'allen' and 'aller' in the 4 grammatical cases (N, A, D, G respectively).


But jede means every, not each.

ETA: I am more than a little confused now. I do not think of each and every having the same meaning. Dictionary.com says of every: 1 - being one of a group or series taken collectively; each (what does this even mean, every is all of the series, not one?) and 2 - all possible; the greatest possible degree of (the definition i think of)


In German, there's no distinction between "every" and "each". Both translate to "jede/r/s".

jede Katze = every cat/each cat

alle Katzen = all cats


In English, each and every do not mean the same thing. All and every do, however. So i have no idea if jede and alle are interchangeable in German some of the time, all of the time, or never.


"jede/r/s" and "alle" are interchangeable most of the time. When you would use "each" in English, you can only use "jede/r/s".


You're right. But my point still stands. In English we say "every cat" (singular) and "all cats" (plural). I presume these translate to "jede Katze" and "alle Katzen". I believe that's the difference between "jed-" and "all-", and the above discussions seem consistent with this.

Maybe this will help clarify each/every as used in English: http://www.englishleap.com/common-mistakes/each-every They give two common examples where each/every are interchangeable, and several where they are not.


I know that but so far most of the times i have seen "alle" or "alles" it is being used as "everything". So is jede never everything, just every?

ETA: Apparently jeder can be everyone/everybody.


I believe so. I too have only seen "jed-" as "each/every". And I've seen "alle" as "all" and "alles" as "everything".


I didn't actually read that link until now, interesting info that i don't normally think about. But my main issue is what the difference is between every and all i guess. I just looked up all and "every" is one of the definitions. xD I went back to this link and you can't really use all in place of each or every with any of the sentences as written. It doesn't "sound" right to my ears, to the way i grew up hearing English. I'm just concerned that i won't know which word to use in the future, jede or alle. There are some things that duolingo just doesn't cover.


I don't think so. I guess that Jeder is used for masc and Jedes is used for neuter. Jeder Hund mag Knochen. Jedes Kleid ist schön


What is the difference between Jeder and Jede?


Jeder is plural to Jede?


No, "jeder" doesn't have a plural.



This online dictionary is really really helpful! Thank you for sharing!! :-)


Thanks for clarifying, Christian. By the same token, does "alle" have a singular? Do the words "aller" and "allem" exist for example?


So you are saying every pronoun has many forms? GOD


Thank you very much! I had a quick question for you. Could you use "aller" (masculine singular 'all') in a sentence for me please? I'm having trouble thinking of how 'all' could be used in singular.


I believe it's mostly used in idiomatic expressions. Off the top of my head, I can only think of "Aller Anfang ist schwer" (The first step is always the hardest).


Thank you, you have been most helpful!


I worte "all" for "Jede" but its saying I'm wrong !!

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