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"Ili renkontas la viron kaj lin."

Translation:They meet the man and him.

May 29, 2015



This translation "They meet the man and him." Does not make sense in English. If I said this phrases in English I would get weird looks from native English speakers. I guess this is another word for word translation or a translation by a non English speaker.


It is a technically correct translation, but you're absolutely right that no native speaker would phrase their sentence this way. If anything, they would say, "They meet him and the man" or "They meet him with the man."


I know this is off-topic, but are these audios computer-generated or recorded? They sound very expressive.


I believe they are recorded.


Can someone explain "renkontas" and "renkontigxas" to me?


Is this really a correct English sentence?


Of course it is, part of the Esperanto team members are native Americans.


but not Native Americans.


Why does the man pronounce it like rankontas


This speaker has a few audio clips where is sounds like one letter but really is another. There's even one lesson that has his audio saying vi but the answer accepted uses mi (or the reverse, it's been a few days since I was on that one)


If the pronunciation of the audio recording is wrong and you've made sure it isn't due to your audio setup, please report it.

I, too, hear "rankontas" instead of "renkontas" here.


it's the "voice of Duolingo" guy.

That's why I'm somewhat baffled. His pronunciation (other than that of some of the speakers of recordings that have recently been added) is usually as close to perfect as it gets.

Listening to it again, it seems to me it's neither clearly "rankontas" nor clearly "renkontas", but maybe somewhere in between. (Though still somewhat closer to "rankontas", I'd say.)

[deactivated user]

    I do not get the meaning of renkonti. Does that mean to gather?


    'To meet' - pretty much the same word, though, so yes.


    Difference between "renkontigxi" and "renkonti" please?


    Mi renkontos vin.

    Vi kaj mi renkontigxos.


    Why is it renkontas and not renkontiĝas? I am not understanding the difference


    Mi renkontos vin.

    Vi kaj mi renkontiĝos.

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