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  5. "Ni legas kaj skribas."

"Ni legas kaj skribas."

Translation:We read and write.

May 29, 2015



God I love this language. No verb conjugations. You can usually guess what words mean from context. Wonderful.


Well this is only beginning I can assure you! :-)


Nah. Verb conjugations are fine, they convey the same information as a pronoun, just at the end of the verb. It's just when they're highly irregular and seperated into multiple groups, and you don't know when to use which one where.


I agree, i think a singular, consistent form of verb conjugation would be very nice, but Esperanto was designed to be easy to learn, and conjugations confuse people

[deactivated user]

    I agree too, that's why I love Finnish: only three or four (depending on how you count) irregular verbs and conjugation endings are ALWAYS the same for any given person for all tenses.


    Mi legas kaj skribas kaj parolas Esperanton!


    i think that its a bit difficult to differenciate between Mi and Ni when listening,besides,the verb is not conjugated so you have to pay attention to it.Zamenhof didnt realize


    I played it several times and still hear Mi rather than Ni.


    It can be hard to differentiate, but I think it's a practice thing. To me, it sounds like ni.


    I thought "skribas" looked very familiar at first, then I realized it's almost like "skriver" in Swedish - which also means "to write"!


    One example of a borrowed germanic word from Latin (which became scrivere in Italian, escribir in Spanish, even écrire in French - the "é" actually stands for old French "es").


    Also not that far from schreiben in German :)


    Add "and hear" and you have duolingo in a nutshell


    Can I stop assuming "ni" is a negation?


    "Ni estas la kavaliroj tiuj diras... ni!"


    That's how I remember that "ni" means "we"; I just picture King Arthur and Sir Bedivere saying "Ni!" to the old woman. They together make a "we", therefore "ni"="we".

    Yeah, I know my mind is strange. :s


    Happens to me all the time. In my brain, ni keeps being no, and mi keeps being we. Blah. Silly Slavic language brain!


    Did I seriously say "right" instead of "write"? Ohhhhhh boy.

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