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"He is the best player in our team."

Translation:Han er den beste spilleren i laget vårt.

May 29, 2015



Shouldn't it be "Han er den beste spilleren på laget vårt"? Does anyone say "i laget vårt"?


I'm not entirely sure if "i laget" is wrong, but it probably shouldn't be the suggested solution. I have done some "research" and it seems Norwegians tend to use both, but in this phrase "på" seems most common anyways.

The phrase "spilleren på laget vårt" has more results on Google Bing than "spilleren i laget vårt". (40k vs 5k 14 vs 3)

The phrase "spilleren på laget" however, has fewer results on Google Bing than "spilleren i laget". (7k vs 22k 1.6k vs 1.7k)

There are clearly something wrong with the latter search results, as Google yields fewer matches on a shorter phrase (7k is less than 40k). I don't really know what to make of this, but I kinda wish we had some rule for "i" and "på"...

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