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Thank you contributors, and welcome all to the Esperanto course!

Esperanto is the first course I'm taking on Duolingo completely from scratch, and for no reason other than for fun (and general culture, and ideological values). So far, it sounds like the easy language I guessed it was. I'm also glad about the grammar notes and explanations I've seen so far, that helps a lot!

Thank you very much to all the team behind it and Duolingo who decided to include it in their incubator!

Esperanto learners, I'm curious to know your impressions about the language, and about the Duolingo course so far. Did you know a bit before or you started from scratch like me?

Happy learning to all!

May 29, 2015



I started from scratch (insofar as you can ever really start from scratch in a language that is highly influenced by several languages you know), and I'm having so much fun with Esperanto - although the affixes and correlatives are still tripping me up, but that'll probably get better once I take some time to understand them.
I also noticed that I can often understand a sentence in Esperanto with little trouble, because I can recognize so many of the words from other languages I've studied. Translating from English into Esperanto is a lot harder, though!


Yeah, when translating from English, I've noticed that I sometimes try to use a French, Italian, or German word that is close to the Esperanto word. I usually catch my self, but sometimes I slip up.


I knew a bit before the course came out - I started Esperanto in late January, although for various reasons I haven't done any for a month to six weeks. I skipped 13 skills in the placement test.

A lot about the way it works reminds me of Slavic languages, while a lot of the vocabulary is obviously Latinate with some German and Slavic words plus a few random ones (I think kaj is Greek?). I like how it's possible to figure out what a sentence means from the roots, and even construct a word you don't know and get it right. It's fun!


So far Esperanto has been a blast!

[deactivated user]

    I am also starting from scratch! Never heard of Esperanto until I saw on duoLingo that it was under incubation. It took me many research to somewhat comprehend what it was, and why I had never heard of it. I'm super excited! I was floored when I checked my email when it was ready :)


    You're very welcome! Thank you for taking the course! :)

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