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Pentri vs farbi

I noticed in this course, that you use "pentri" as a verb for painting things like walls or rooms. I always thought that "farbi" was used to paint things of only one color, like a wall or a room, and that "pentri" was used to paint artistic things like portraits and paintings.

May 29, 2015



According to my dictionary (BER):

  • farbo (a noun root) = paint.
  • farbi = to cover something through a layer of paint
  • pentri = to make a picture/design using paint (farbo)

I guess I'm trying to say that you are correct. ;)


I talked to someone on the team about that. Unfortunately they can't add any more words to the course at this point. So "farbi" can't be added. :(


I have to concur with this. I double-checked the definitions in PIV, and "pentri" means "to create an image with paint" and "farbi" means "to color with paint." You could sneer at modern paintings where the canvas is painted a single uniform color by calling the artist a "farbisto."

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