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  5. "Det regner fortsatt."

"Det regner fortsatt."

Translation:It is still raining.

May 29, 2015



I may have sounded a little pretentious with my 'the rain persists' :p

Maybe next time I'll try 'persisteth'


What is the difference between forsatt and fremdeles?


They mean the same thing, so you can use both in this sentence. "Fortsatt" is perhaps the less formal sounding of the two, at least to me.


I know these comments were posted looong ago, but I was about to ask the same question above that annemariruthven asked, and also the difference between those words and "ennå." If I understand correctly, "fortsatt" and "fremdeles" both mean "still," but "fortsatt" implies that some action is persisting after it is expected to have stopped (after all, I assume it is related to the verb "fortsette"= continue/keep going). For example, "Han spiser fremdeles"~ "He is still eating." vs. "Han spiser fortsatt."~ "He keeps eating/continues to eat." In contrast, "ennå" seems to be used as "yet" is used in English- to indicate that an action or state persists, but not necessarily in one stretch of time, e.g. "Jeg har ikke barn ennå."~ I don't have children yet/I still don't have children." Am I understanding correctly??


Yes, I'd say you do. It's nicely put. Except, both "fremdeles" and "fortsatt" can be used in the two ways you describe. If you stress "fortsatt/fremdeles" and use a higher pitch at the end of the word, you'll get the meaning of "Is he STILL eating??" As in that it was expected to have ended some time ago. Hope this helps!


Ja, det hjelper meg og det gir mening. Tusen takk!


Så bra! Bare hyggelig.


And I was expecting a comment about Bergen... 21Jun17


In regular speech, would it also be accurate to say "Det fortsette å regne"?


I believe the verb has to be in the second position.


Regnet fortsetter i dagen


"å fortsette" is a verb actually. "Det fortsetter å regne" should be a correct sentence.


Is it pronounced "for-shot" "fort-❤❤❤❤" "fort-shot" or "for-sha"?


"Fortsatt," sounds like, "fortchatt." Does "ts" make a "ch" (as in "chariot") sound? I swear that I looked up the sounds of combined letters and it said that the "ch" sound does not exist. My sources said that only youngsters make the sound in certain words and that it was incorrect.


It rains continuously? Is it wrong?

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