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  5. "Gutten har en hund."

"Gutten har en hund."

Translation:The boy has a dog.

May 29, 2015



I think "The boy's a dog" (as discussed elsewhere) should be removed because if "has" is the main verb it can't be contracted. Here it only means "the boy is a dog". Or does American English allow it?


The apostrophe in "boy's dog" is not a contraction. It is possessive indicating whose dog it is. You wouldn't use a contraction with a word like boy. You would, for example, say "it's" as a contraction of "it is." Å ha is "to have." While "the boy has a dog" and "it's the boy's dog" convey more or less the same information, the former is giving us information about the boy and the latter is information about the dog. Hope that makes sense.


American English only allows apostrophe + s ('s) when showing the direct object's possession of something. "has," though shouldn't be taken out


what are the differents between hunden and hund


Hund is the form indefinite -> "dog". En hund -> "a dog".

Hunden is the form definite -> "the dog".

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