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"La viroj vidas la belajn knabinojn."

Translation:The men see the beautiful girls.

May 29, 2015



This is making me extremely uncomfortable, but I can't look away.


I may not have thought of this Gif exactly, but I thought of this being super creepy. cringe

Edit: what I said originally could be taken poorly XP


I feel like they should rather be looking at women or should stop infantizising them if they hopefully already are doing so..


I concur. This sentence could def. benefit from a revision. For example, "La KNABoj vidas la...KNABINoj"


"Vidas" means they just happen to see them, it does not mean "watching" or intentionally "looking at". So this sentence is perfectly innocent.




I think it's more of a reflection on us than Duolingo if we're assuming paedophilia because a man can see a girl, and the girl is pretty.


I was about to say the same thing... well said.


Why both belajn and knabinoj have an "n" at the end?


Because endings for adjectives and nouns should match.

From the Tips and Notes for the Accusative skill:

Note that an adjective modifying a direct object would also receive the -n ending. Thus, Virino kisas belan viron. would mean "A woman kisses a handsome man." As explained above, we could also phrase this sentence as Belan viron kisas virino, which would still mean the same thing with more emphasis on the good-looking man.

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