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Trouble doing skills on a computer

Hi all,

When I complete a skill on my laptop, it's started doing this thing where it doesn't tell me what my score was, how much xp i got etc...

I then have to refresh the page and then it says that i haven't done the skill.

It only works if I open a new tab every time i do a different skill, however occasionally it does work okay.

Is anybody else having this problem?


May 29, 2015



I have not ever had this problem before. Unfortunately, I cannot help you. Maybe your computer is malfunctioning, maybe you should contact the DL staff? :)


i've been getting this problem alot


How long have you had this problem? It's only been over the last week for me.


I'm moving this to "troubleshooting" as our developers keep an eye on that forum and others may be experiencing the same issue. =]


I am having this same problem (and for a long time now). It's very annoying because I have to do the same skill all over again to get it counted as done by Duo. I feel so demotivated when this happens that a repeat a basic story that I have already done just to make some points and not loose the day streak.

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