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  5. "Good night!"

"Good night!"

Translation:Bonan nokton!

May 29, 2015



Because "Bonan nokton" is a short form of "Mi deziras al vi bonan nokton." (I wish you a good night.) Therefore you need the accusative form. Same for "Bonan tagon", "Bonan matenon", etc. but also for "Saluton." "Dankon." "Pardonon."

[deactivated user]

    Why isn't "bona nokto!" accepted?


    They need the acusative "n", to be said correct as it comes from "me deziras al vi..."


    As he said above, it's because it's "short-formed"


    Do speakers ever shorten these greetings informally? Like saying, "Bon' Nokton" You still have the accusative on nokton, and the cut off 'an in Bonan could be understood through context. Just wondering.


    Iafoje (sed malofte) oni povas trovi la formon „bonnokton” t.e. en unu vorto :)


    is this phrase a parting phrase or a greeting phrase? In english, "good morning/afternoon/evening" is a greeting phrase but "good night" is solely a parting phrase. Does Esperanto make that distinction?

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