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  5. "- Дуже приємно! - Мені теж!"

"- Дуже приємно! - Мені теж!"

Translation:- Nice to meet you! - Me too!

May 29, 2015



Why not ..."Likewise!"


I would say “you too” in English, “me too” is too literal of a translation IMO


The reply does not make grammatical sense in precise translation. "А ти" would make more sense because we have been taught "мені теж" to mean "Me too" therefore "and you" seems more logical - perhaps it's just a phrase that translates badly.


I used мені теж and the ukrainian told me it was silly


Why "It's a pleasure to meet you. Me too." not accepted?


Lol I don’t think people actually respond “Me too!” to “Nice to meet you”


What is the use of the two dashes before the sentences? It seems that we don't need to put "is" or "are" in the English sentence. So why putting the dashes?


That was an attempt to punctuate a small dialogue. We had some technical challenges with entering this type of sentences in the course and most likely that they will be re-entered in a new way soon. The dashes indicate the lines of a dialogue when there is no dialogue tag. I believe in English it should be in quotation marks.


Since, the dash "--" is standard for dialogue in Ukrainian printed literature, shouldn't it still be included? Maybe with more explanation? Perhaps the shorter hyphen "-" is also confusing?

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