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  5. "They catch fish."

"They catch fish."

Translation:Ili kaptas fiŝojn.

May 29, 2015



It is said "They catch fish" which is singular yet the answer has a -j which denotes plurality of the word. Thanks.


In English the plural of fish is also fish.
They catch a fish (singular) = ili kaptas fiŝon.
They catch fish (plural) = ili kaptas fiŝojn.


I did not know that, thank you


The word fish can be used very broadly. You can also use it to describe multiple people fishing (e.g., they fish tuna). The word fishes can also be use as a plural for fish, but this normally indicates multiple species of fish.


I am sorry, the plural of fish is fish in English. If it was only one fish the English sentence would be: They catch a fish.


why the accusative n on fish?


Because there is an action directed to fish (object)


A grammar note on "ili": In English, "they" can be used for specific people OR for generic, unspecified people ("they say that eating fish is good for you"). The second case is "oni" in Esperanto. Older English texts also use "one" for the unspecific case ("One can eat fish for good health") but it is much less common in colloquial English.

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