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Review flash cards

With my review flash cards, I keep getting the same words every time. I think I know them by now. It keeps giving me the same words when I want to practice different ones. Why does it keep doing that?

May 29, 2015



do you hover over those words when you are doing a lesson? That could make it think you don't know them.


No, not really. But I have done it over is six times and It keeps giving me the same words.


I know, its confusing.


You know, It's happening to me too!


having the same problem here


I have the same problem. Just the same group of words are being tested. After getting them right the sequence then begins again. This has been happening over several days.


I have had the same words for over two weeks. Sure wish this would be addressed by those making the program.


you need to click on different part of the tree to get the new words. suppose you want to review Christmas, then click on it , then do flash card


If you mean going back to the home page, clicking on an icon, then going to the words page and clicking review flashcards, that didn't work. If you mean something else, please explain. I've been stuck with the same words for weeks (if I remember correctly).


same here! I'd like to improve on the dozens that I really need practice on.

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