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  5. "I do not know what to buy."

"I do not know what to buy."

Translation:Mi ne scias, kion aĉeti.

May 29, 2015



Why is "Mi ne scias, acxeti kion." not accepted?


Mi volos scii tio antaŭ. Kiel gravas la ordon?


Why is konas not accepted, when you buy something you usually know what to buy from experience and not as a fact?


That's a different meaning.

"Mi ne scias, kion aĉeti." = I am sitting in front of an empty shopping list and I am wondering what to put on it.

"Mi ne konas, kion mi aĉetas." = I am buying something, without knowing what it is.


This is explained in the "Tips & notes".


Where came I find this "tips & notes"? I'm using the mobile app. I have "tips" on the German course I'm taking but not this, Esperanto, one.


Instead of using the app, log in with a browser from a computer or your phone. Click on the lesson you are interested in and you will see an icon that looks like a lightbulb. Click on it for the tips & notes.


When I read the question, I imagined standing in a store with all sorts of things on the shelves, and I could not decide which one to buy, because there were too many choices. This type of confusion seems to me to be not very intellectual and more suitable for konas than for scias. But I got this as multiple choice and there was no konas there, only scias.


After a bit I realized that in spanish I actually do make the difference between "saber" -- "scii" and "conocer" -- "koni", which made it quite easy for me. It is quite odd, but to put it in a very rough way, koni seems to be when you have a more personal connection, like, you have met that information somewhere, as opposed to possessing that information

Another strange example is that you Know "scias" how to do it. But you Know "konas" a way to do it.

Also.... think of "konas" as "I am acquainted with"


What is the root word "acxeti"?


It comes from the French word "acheter" ;)


Esperanto requires commas before a subclause

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