"A rose is a rose is a rose."

Translation:Rozo estas rozo estas rozo.

May 29, 2015

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what is the sense of this sentence? i dont get it.


Thanks! I didn't know what it was at first, either!



People have died in large number for the symbolic notion of the rose (the War of the Roses), have attached great meaning to certain rose colors: love, grief, appreciation, death, loss etc.; have made and lost fortunes on their perceived meaning.

But until modern times, a rose was simply a flower. When you get right down to it and take away all the culturally assigned value it is worth remembering that like so many things in contemporary life, ... a rose is a rose is a rose.....and that is all that it is.

All the rest is just something we made up.


they forgot a rose.


Rozo rozas rozas?


I think you can only change adjectives to a verb that way. So if you said pink is pink is pink you could say rozkoloro rozkoloras rozkoloras, but since you are dealing with nouns it may not work (I may be corrected soon)


Am I the only one who started singing Moses from Singing in The Rain?

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I love that bit! (Now I need to translate it.)


Isn't it "Rozo estas rozon estas rozon?"


No. Both participants that are linked by 'estas' always occur in the nominative case. That has to do with the special nature of the verb 'to be', often called copula. It is the same as in most European languages, 'to be' always links two nominative subjects.


For the uninformed, by using Lolwat., CaptainRegal is suggesting that this very famous line of free verse used in this example is beyond the level of effort that he is willing and/or thinks reasonable to apply to understanding it. Therefore he finds it ridiculous and a personal affront, taken to the level that it generates extreme frustration and annoyance.

Lolwat is very nice artifact in modern language. It says a great deal with just six letters. A whole paragraph of ranting can be summed up with just one word. But beware. Like a paragraph of ranting, it also says something about the person using it.

There are many instances that generate lolwat moments in language and especially in foreign languages. That is why most people don't take up studying a foreign language.

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