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"There is no butter on my bread."

Translation:Ne estas butero sur mia pano.

May 29, 2015


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Why does it say that the correct answer is "Estas neniu butero sur mia pano."? -iu in my mind refers to individual pieces in a group and I'd think that butter is uncountable and therefore "neniom" would fit... Where does this reasoning go wrong?

November 7, 2017

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That's odd. The correct answer given here is "Ne estas butero sur mia pano." Do you remember how you had answered the question?

January 30, 2018


My answer "Butero ne estas sur mia pano" was not accepted as correct, I don't know why.

January 29, 2018


Since the english was "there is no butter..." I thought about putting "ne" before "butter" but decided that "ne estas butero" sounded better than "estas ne butero" or "butero ne estas." Evidently it does matter where to place the "ne."

February 15, 2018


I put "Estas ne butero sur mia pano" and it marked me as wrong, giving the correct answer as ""Estas neniu butero sur mia pano."

Is this actually wrong? I thought "Ne estas" and "Estas ne" would be effectively interchangable here.

June 5, 2018
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