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  5. "Мама і тато там."

"Мама і тато там."

Translation:Mom and dad are there.

May 29, 2015



There is no verb for to be?


There is a verb for "to be" (which is "є"), but sounds very philosophical (e.g. Любов є страдання = Love is suffering ) or dictionary-like (Школа є місце, де... = School is a place where...)

Also because "є" means "to have" in 90% of the cases. We very often use a reflexive way of saying "I have":

1) (direct) Я маю кота (literally: "I have cat" = I have a cat)

2) (reflexive) У мене є кіт (literally: "At me is a cat" = I have a cat) - more spoken

So if you say Мама і тато є там or better Там є мама і тато it sounds more like "There are mother and father there"


There is: "Є" = "to be":

"Я є" = "I am" "Ти є" = "You are" "He/she/ it is" = "Він/ вона/ воно є"

"Ми є" = "We are" "Ви є" = "You are" (plural, and when speaking to elders or new aquaintences.) "Вони є" = "They are".

I hope this helps. I still use the "є" with my family and friends, in speaking and in writing. It makes the Ukrainian language make more grammatical sense and easier to learn.


There is such verb. But in most cases it can be omitted


Oh, that verb (in Present) is "є"


What's the difference between мама та тато vs. Мама і тато?


There are "Euphony law" or "Закон милозвучності". But grammatically both is correct.


My Ukranian friend says, that these conjunctions are similar. But "та" sounds better after vowel ending, and "i" after consonant. But I don't know for sure.


This is absolutely correct explanation (from lynx-89)


I'm Russian, and I want to learn Ukranian (Because I love Ukraine, no matter what other say). But I suppose I have problem with letter "i". My keyboard language is Russian (Cyrillic), and I switch it to English every time I need "i", and each time there is an error.


This is another "i" altogether :P you should change to Ukrainian keyboard to get that :)


Мне пришлось установить себе украинскую клавиатуру. Теперь у меня на компе 4 раскладки: русская, английская, немецкая и украинская. Это нужно зайти на компе через "пуск" в "панель управления", там выбрать "язык и региональные стандарты", а там вкладку "языки и клавиатуры" и выбрать "изменить клавиатуру", а потом "добавить". Только сегодня научилась это делать :)


it thought you were only supposed to put what was there


Only the dot was missing...

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