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"Ŝi vendis pli da kokaĵo ol fiŝaĵo."

Translation:She sold more chicken than fish.

May 29, 2015



Woah, past tense outta nowhere. I like it!


This is actually an error. It should be "Ŝi vendis pli da kokaĵo ol fiŝaĵon."

La proponata frazo signifus ke ŝi vendis pli sukcesa vendistino por kokaĵo ol la konkurenca fiŝaĵo, kiu provas vendi kokaĵon.

The proposed sentence means that she is a more successful chicken dish seller than some competing fish dish.


Very true. I then understood this once I realized that the verb sold is talking about the fish, with just a bit of extra information.


Mi ne aŭdas "pli", mi aŭdas "pĥi".


Why does 'da' need to be used here?


If the above answer which is supposed to be the correct answer is wrong then it needs to be changed to display the correct answer here and in the app.


Why is it "she sold...", and not "she was selling..."? It was marked wrong.

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