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When to use article with possession?

In Italian, when you say "my", "your", "our" etc. you have to include the article (Io bevo LA tua birra = I drink your beer), and I'm sure you have to in Portuguese as well, but sometimes possession is used without the article. Is this due to the fact that Duo teaches Brazilian Portuguese, or was I wrong the whole time?

September 29, 2013



we say with articles in brazil as well: Eu bebo sua cerveja, minha casa está limpa, nosso planeta, nossas terras.

I think you may see without article when we could mash a preposition: "Casa de Maria" could be "Casa da Maria" as "Estava em meu quarto" could be "Estava no meu quarto".

preposition de + article a = da

preposition em + article o = no

preposition a + article a = à (fui à feira) notice how ` is different than ´

preposition a + article o = ao (fui ao mercado)

sorry if it's not what you were trying to understand... feel free to explain me better if you want. I hope this can help somehow.


yeah, that's what i meant, as in some sentences it says "Ela vem da sua casa" and others "Eu mostro minha fantasia", shouldn't it be "Eu mostro a minha fantasia"? That's the main point I was trying to get across


Both ways are right: meu/minha already includes a pronoun (masculine or feminine) as seu/sua, teu/tua, nossa/nosso...

When you say "Eu mostro a minha fantasia" I understand you're talking about some specific fantasy - maybe you already said something about this before or it's THE FANTASY, something more important than just "A FANTASY" - eu mostro o meu carro (something like "the my car" got it?).

I'm pretty sure it happens in all latin's language: o nosso povo = nosso povo

el nuestro pueblo = nuestro pueblo is wrong for spanish?

"Io bevo tua birra" sounds wrong to you?

I got curious now...


el nuestro pueblo sounds more like "the our population", and "tua birra" is simply grammatically incorrect in Italian, you NEED the article there. but yeah, thanks for your help :)


I didn't know it's grammatically incorrect in Italian. Interesting point, thanks for sharing this :)


i am bilingual in both Spanish and English and "el nuestro pueblo" in Spanish is completely incorrect. It is "nuestro pueblo" (our village) :)


In Portugal, we always say with articles, useless you are saying something very cult.


I read lot's of things in the internet from Brazil and I see that it is common to say without articles.


obrigado pela ajuda :)


Could you possibly give some examples? Thanks :)


Here (Portugal) you would say "A minha mãe" while in for example "Os Lusiadas":

" (De Júpiter), armado, forte e duro:" "O Céu tremeu, (e Apolo), de torvado”

<pre>— Descrição de Marte no concílio. Canto I, estrofe 37 </pre>

However, even in cult stuff it is more common to say with articles.

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