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  5. "Kie estas la necesejo?"

"Kie estas la necesejo?"

Translation:Where is the bathroom?

May 29, 2015



The most useful thing to know in any language :)


In one of the Stainless Steel Rat stories, the character Jim DeGris asks a guard this question. after noting the guard's confusion he mumbles: "Doesn't he know simple Esperanto?"


Mi tre amis tiujn librojn! The Stainless Steel Rat books are where I first heard of Esperanto. There was even an appendix in the book with information about how to get more information about learning Esperanto. This was before the internet, so I had to write a letter to send for a correspondence course.


I love those books. I will have to reread them after I know Esperanto better. Oh and it is hypocritical of Jim to say that since he didn't know Esperanto all of his life.


Jim is a professional crook in a society without much crime. Hypocrite is the least of his foibles.


Mi dankas al vi por la lingoto.

Ankaŭ: "foible" = malfortaĵeto.


I found The Planet of Tasteless Pleasure in a charity shop. Not sure if I'm going to get round to reading it as I read too much sci-fi as it is.


Too much sci-fi? No such a thing.


Well, I like women more and, while there are exceptions, not many of them are impressed by how much of an episode of Red Dwarf you can recite :/

Of course, this comment is on an Esperanto course which is probably not productive in that area either...


I met my wife at a Convention. Her first phrase to me directly was to quote Star Trek. She's also studying Esperanto. There's hope.


I would be impressed! (I'm a woman)


As Fred's daughter, I can confirm, he did in fact meet mia panjo at a con. Cons are wonderful wonderful places for meeting people. Mostly for friendships, but a friendship is the best way to base any relationship, cxu ne?


Rimmer (the hologram) is trying to learn Esperanto in one episode of Red Dwarf. Does that make it relevant?


If the -ej affix means place of, such as a kafejo being a place of kafo, then is a necesejo a palce of neceso


The root word here is necesa - 'necessary' - and yes, a necesejo is a place of necessity!


This has to be the most logical name for a bathroom I have seen in any language.


I prefer the Australian dysphemism that I can't use here because people expect a website to mind their children for them :/

Unsurprisingly Duolingo doesn't accept it.


Are there slang words for it :
fekejo, urinejo?


I love how the word for bathroom is necesejo. Much more apt a name than e.g. restroom.


Yes, it's a bit coy like 'restroom' is but at least it makes sense. I wonder who these people are who need a bath or a rest during a meal at a restaurant.


Oni ankaŭ povas viziti la "malrestoracio*n.


Ha! I answered where is the loo and it was accepted!


"necesejo" sounds like a euphemism to me. :)


restroom should work as well?


It did, in another sentence. :/


I would have called a toilet a convenience, not a necessity. In fact, convenience is a common reference to toilet, but I have never heard a toilet described as a necessity, because it just isn't one. What about tualeto? Does that mean something weird, or is it a good fit?


Well, one might say that having a necessity is convenient. But I'm not certain that I wish to visit your house if you don't consider toilets to be necessary things.

Tualeto refers to applying make-up and all of those things which make up one's morning (or evening) preparations for the next several hours of whatever. Brushing (or combing) hair, brushing teeth, performing ablutions, etc. and applying (or removing) whatever warpaint is deemed suitable. The term has nothing to do with defecation.


Ah thanks, the online dictionary gave toilet as the only translation of tualeto. I know, it's just me being me :( , however, having spent a lot of time outdoors, toilets are merely a convenience :)

Back to learning :)


Simply because toilet is also the English word for all of that stuff. Why we needed to use the same word for two different, but related, subjects bothers me. At least Esperanto doesn't.

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