"Hun er en jente."

Translation:She's a girl.

May 29, 2015

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Does jente imply that she is young or that she is female?


i guess its kind of like saying man/woman and boy/girl so jente is girl and kvinne is woman


Is "en" pronounced "ehm"?


I think it's more like 'ehn' or 'en'


Do you know any place where I can hear better the pronunciation?


Forvo is a website made for hearing the pronunciation of many words in different languages. There are over 10,000 words for Norwegian you can hear.



It sounds like the "e" in er is almost like an 'ah' sound in English.

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    Correct IPA pronunciation for er is /æɾ/ and for en is /ən/ (unstressed) or /eːn/ (stressed). The stressed variant can also be translated as the cardinal number "one" (1).

    Click here for the IPA guide.


    Could any one pls explain why sometimes is 'en jente' and others 'ei jente'? Is there a rule for it?


    I'm probably way too late and you've long know this (am on mobile, can't see comments' age), but just answering for anyone who might wonder:

    Words in Norwegian can have three genders: Male, female and neuter. Those are not to be confused or conflated with biological gender, inanimate objects can be of either of the three genders, although words for humans that are clearlymale or female generally correspond to that.

    The indefinite article for male words is 'en'.

    The one for neuter words is 'et'.

    The one for female words is either 'ei' or 'en'.

    'Jente', as you might have guessed, is female gender, that means it can be either 'ei jente' or 'en jente' - no difference in meaning -, with the latter being a little more common.


    the en should be ei pronounced "ee" which implies shes female, was just told by a Norwegian relative


    Thank you, I put ei and it counted it wrong


    Is helping me Nice application


    I do not get this.

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      why what an astute observation.


      Is someone here Norwegian? Well I am from China but i live in Norway now...LOL well i can Norwegian very good

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