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"La malgrandaj knabinoj estas belaj."

Translation:The little girls are beautiful.

May 29, 2015



Ankaux la grandaj ;)


And I find this sentence in the animals skill. (0_o)


♫ I love little girls they make me feel so good ♫


Or in short, using affixes: la knabinetaj belas.


the end of malgrandaj sounds like "dike" (with a long I and no e)


I thought I heard an m for the beginning of the last word. I thought they might be introducing a new word or one I simply didn't remember. I chose maloj, ok I was winging it but I tried to come up with a state that little girls might be in and sick seemed plausible. Not knowing the Esperanto word for sick , I thought I'd try maloj. Even knowing it was a b , I just don't hear it. Could be old ears!

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