"We love America!"

Translation:Ni amas Usonon!

May 29, 2015

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No, not more subliminal messages, Duo!


Italo = Italian | Italio = Italy
Usono = American? | Usonio = America?

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USONA /juːˈsoʊnə/ An acronym of the United States of North America, a 19th-century name for the United States of America

"The name Usono was proposed in 1905 by Gaston Moch, the self-publisher of the French journal Espero pacifista (see quotations), and by 1908 L'Amerika Esperantisto, Filipina Esperantisto..., and La Revuo orienta... (Japan) used it without clarification. Zamenhof used the name in his speech at the 1910 World Congress of Esperanto in Washington, D.C..

The online Esperanto dictionary Reta Vortaro once did (and still partially does) attribute the word to Frank Lloyd Wright.[1] However, there are no indications Wright knew the word this early:

It has been suggested that Wright picked up the name on his first European trip in 1910 when there was talk of calling the U.S.A. 'U-S-O-N-A', to avoid confusion with the new Union of South Africa. ( 1984, John Sergeant, Frank Lloyd Wright's Usonian Houses: The Case for Organic Architecture, page 16):

The word "Usonia" first appears in Wright's writings in 1925. ( 1997, Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer, David Larkin, Frank Lloyd Wright: Master Builder, page 102):" http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Usono


There's a different convention for names according to how they were formed. You can read more about that (and check some examples and exceptions to the rules) in the relevant Tips & Notes section: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/eo/Countries-and-Nationalities


I believe it would be Usonano for (US) American, and Usono for USA, because the United States is nation-based, not ethnicity-based.


This came up for the first time in on the 4th of july.

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