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Best way to practice vocab

I'd like a way to practice the words I've learned so far. Ideally I'd like a flash card system, where the word is given in french/english, I'm tested on its translation and then a phrase is given with its use.

Is there anything like that on this website? Or do I only have the 15 or so "practice weakest words" option?

September 29, 2013



There is an app called tiny cards and if you sign into your account you get a bunch of decks with all the vocab from the languages your leaning


Well, there's no a "flash card system" here, but if you want something else besides the "practice weakest words" button, you can go to the vocabulary section and practice each word.


There is a flashcard program called "Anki". You can write down the english words and then the french words and it will help you memorize them.

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