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  5. "Jam estas tempo por ekdormi."

"Jam estas tempo por ekdormi."

Translation:It is already time to fall asleep.

May 29, 2015



No, no, just let me do a few more skills...


Why can't it mean "There is already time to fall asleep?"


I'm also curious. That is a logical statement, so I'm not sure how you'd word it differently.


I think because it is already time to fall asleep or it is already time to go to sleep makes sense and there is already time to fall asleep does not.


Duolingo pravas. Ĉe mi nun estas 2:55 nokte... :/


Would: "it is all ready bet time" be accepted?


Like putting 5 pounds on the Grand National, or 5 dollars on the Kentucky Derby? I think you meant "bed time" :) That would make the sentence, "Jam estas la horo por enlitiĝi" in Esperanto.

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Just in case anyone was wondering, CarloGamag1 meant "already" which is quite different from all ready. Already is an adverb referring to the passage of time (going by quickly) or something having been prepared in advance, (Is it already time to go to sleep? Fortunately, I already did my homework.) All ready refers to multiple things or people being ready or being in a state of complete preparedness as compared with nearly ready or almost ready. (The students all were ready to learn/All the students were ready to learn/The students were all ready to learn. OR My siblings were still packing their suitcases, but I was all ready.)


How would you say "There is already time to fall asleep" as in a schedule?


Perhaps "'tempo por ekdormi' jam ekzistas".

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