"Ŝi volas sendi leteron al siaj gepatroj."

Translation:She wants to send a letter to her parents.

May 29, 2015

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Shouldn't it be "sxiaj" and not "siaj"?


Does anybody know what the word for a letter of the alphabet is? Would it be "alfabetajxo"?


What is the difference between ŝiaj and siaj


I have answered every common question a learner might have at least several times. You'll notice that the current top comment in this thread has 14 upvotes and hasn't been answered in six years. It's hit or miss whether you'll get an answer so it may be a good habit to start with a google search. In this case, I tried:

  • salivanto ŝiaj and siaj

And it brought up this link. Scroll down to my mini-faq... and vote it up if it answered your question.


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