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  5. "Банджо і піаніно"

"Банджо і піаніно"

Translation:The banjo and the piano

May 30, 2015



Is the banjo a common instrument in Ukraine?


I have never seen it IRL!


Vinnfred, a serious question that sound somewhat silly. What about a bandura? How common are they?


Thank you. Finally had an opportunity to watch it. Ninety minutes and I don't know how many videos later, I finally forced myself to shut down the laptop and go to sleep. LOL.


WOW! I've never been a big fan of the Scorpions, but I always thought that song was potentially beautiful ... and it's never been more beautiful than in this version, on the bandura. Дуже дякую for sharing it, Mirka! :-)


Well, it's definitely not that common as guitar, piano or violin, as it's not a part of a traditional rock group or orchestra. But there are people who play it. You can buy it, there are schools, bands and concerts. It's definitely not dead! But like any other folk instrument it's less popular and common than mainstream ones


I would have thought mandolin would be a more popular instrument for a Ukrainian course.


No, not really


In reference to the банджо- Ой Сусанна! (народна американська пісня).


Мою сестру звати Сузанн. Коли ми виросли, ми дуже часто чули цю пiсню. И також "Сузi-Q." :-)


Banjo is an odd choice for a Ukrainian course. Why not teach us names of instruments that are more common, or more traditional? OTOH "мій брат любить грати у банджо" is actually a true statement in my case.

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