"The girl designs shoes and socks."

Translation:Pigen designer sko og strømper.

May 30, 2015



Shouldn't sko change in any way?

May 30, 2015

[deactivated user]

    No, sko doesn't change from the indefinite singular to the indefinite plural.

    May 30, 2015


    Thank you :)

    May 30, 2015


    Any idea why not? Is it a loan word from a language without plurals?

    July 5, 2015

    [deactivated user]

      I don't think there's a specific reason. English has words like this too, such as sheep, deer and aircraft.

      And no, sko isn't a loan word. It developed from the same root as English shoe, German Schuhe and Dutch schoen.

      July 6, 2015


      'Skoe' is incorrect? It marked me right and didn't even think I had a typo...

      August 18, 2015


      what's the difference between 'strømper' og 'sokker'?

      April 9, 2018


      I wonder if "strømper" might be related to the archaic English "strumpet" (whore)? The image of a woman rolling up her stockings is titillating even to modern audiences; that could explain the connection, if there is one.

      May 12, 2018
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