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Can I practise speaking with someone at the same level as me?

I'm learning Esperanto, and so is one of my friends. However, I live in Greenland, and he lives in Denmark (where I'm originally from). We communicate by means of video chatting and online messaging. I am wondering if it's helpful for us to use Esperanto as much as possible, because we are at the same level (currently beginner), and if we speak and make mistakes, those mistakes could turn into bad habits of speaking the language wrong. I'm just wondering if we should speak it together now, or wait until we're both better and then practise. Dankon!

May 30, 2015



Of Course you should! From my experience with French, you should speak with what you have! That way you build up the basics extremely well!


I don't think your friend will judge you for making a mistake, you should practice now so you get used to speaking. The more you practice, the more you can recognize your errors.

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