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Canadian Esperanto Meeting Clubs!

If you live in Canada, how lucky you are! In eight different major cities in Canada, there are weekly meeting clubs, for all to enjoy conversation in Esperanto! Here is a link to the website with details: (Look on left hand side of the website) http://esperanto.ca/ You do not have to be an Esperanto expert, beginners are welcome!

May 30, 2015



I'm moving to Toronto in the near future and am SO excited to join a club!


I will join the Toronto club as soon as I finish the Esperanto tree! :)


Look forward to seeing you therе! That is after I finish the tree too :)

[deactivated user]

    Saluton! When you're ready, please also check out the Meetup page Esperanto-Toronto.


    We've just started using it at the Esperanto-Rondo de Toronto but soon all club activities will be listed there (except those that occur in private homes). And we have a new weekly Esperanto Conversation for Beginners, a special place to try out your wobbly training wheels with kind and gentle Esperanto speakers. Perfect for those starting out with an online course like duoLingo. And sometimes Dejo shows up, one of the contributors to the duoLingo Esperanto course. Li estas bona viro!


    Just a question, do you go to the Rondo? What is it like? Are they friendly to Pigeon-Esperantists? :P

    [deactivated user]

      I am a co-organizer of Esperanto Conversation for Beginners and have been speaking Esperanto since 2000. Everyone in our club is very welcoming to beginners and visitors alike.

      The Socia Kunveno is sort of the "regular" club meeting. Everyone is welcome and people will help out beginners, but you will also hear lots of normal-speed conversation about all topics. There are no speeches or presentations, just conversation and coffee.

      The Esperanto Conversation for Beginners is just that: a special meeting for beginners geared to helping beginners feel comfortable speaking, particularly those who have taken a website course and are coming out for the first time. The helpers are more conscious of always speaking slowly and clearly and being aware of when a beginner needs help.

      Both meetings and all others that we hold (one club excursion a month during the summer) are open to anyone who wants to attend, even if you've never said "Saluton" before, and we have no rules about speaking other languages, just that the general focus should be on using Esperanto since that's why we're having the meeting.


      This must be Lunjo. Sad to see her gone from here.


      I'm a newbie going to the Esperanto Conversation for Beginners. They're always happy to clarify any words I don't understand or explain bits of grammar that I haven't quite grasped yet, and they're just super friendly in general. :)


      All such activities are being listed as of May 25, 2015.


      And one in Edmonton too! I see they meet in a Starbucks weekly. I will get a little further on the tree and them stop by.


      Thanks for the post! There are now 10 regional or local Esperanto organizations in Canada. (I've just added a page for the new Regina Esperanto Club: http://esperanto.ca/regina .) Not all of them meet weekly. They are:

      • Esperanto Nova Scotia (based mainly in Halifax NS) — meeting approximately twice each month (but not regularly)
      • Espéranto Saguenay (QC)
      • Quebec Esperanto Society (based mainly in Montreal QC) — meeting twice most months
      • Esperanto Circle of Ottawa (ON) — meeting twice each month
      • Toronto Esperanto Circle (ON) — meeting at least once a week
      • Esperanto-Londono (London ON) — meeting once a week
      • Regina Esperanto Club (SK) — meeting every other week
      • The Edmonton Esperanto Society (AB) — meeting once a week
      • The Calgary Esperanto Society (AB)
      • Esperanto Club of Vancouver Island (based in North Saanich, a suburb of Victoria BC) — meeting twice each month

      Again, check http://esperanto.ca/ for links to them all!

      Also, if you want to support the Esperanto movement in Canada, please consider joining or donating to the Canadian Esperanto Association http://esperanto.ca/kea/


      Don't forget to download the free books about Esperanto that the Edmonton chapter is offering:



      Does anyone know if a website or place where I could obtain books written in Esperanto? Thx

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