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Don't waste your lingots on a streak freeze

I bought a streak freeze, but still lost my 40-day streak. I contacted duolingo about it. They sent me an automated reply, which included a ticket number that is pretty useless. I can't see the ticket.

However, it said I could add a followup to the ticket by replying to that email. So I did, when I never heard back. Twice.

It's been 36 days now and they haven't done ANYTHING about it, not even "we're sorry, we can't help" (which, knowing what I know about computer programming, they certainly could if they wanted to, and it wouldn't take very long).

So, streak freezes don't work. And they don't care.

What's the point of the duolingo help if they never actually look at your tickets?

It's frustrating to know I should have a 76 day streak by this point, but it's still only 36. Very demotivating. More upsetting is the fact I've been thoroughly ignored by "support".

May 30, 2015



Only a Sith deals in absolutes.

I'm sorry to hear of your streak loss, but radically denying use of streak freezes is a little bit too much. I'm pretty sure it's not that they generally don't work but rather Duolingo is so glitchy that sometimes this happens. And if you don't "waste" your lingots on them, you're guaranteed to have your counter cleared should you ever skip a day.

As for me, streak freeze seems to work, the last time it saved me was 19 days ago.


My freeze worked for me yesterday. I've kept one for months before missing a day, and it worked that time as well.

And look! You're so close to your old streak! Have a lingot and keep going!


Mostly I wanted people to know that it was a possibility that it wouldn't work, and they won't lift a finger to correct it when that happens.

You're right that I was a bit melodramatic with my title. I was feeling bitter.....over a month of being ignored by duo has apparently lured me over to the dark side of the force. ;)


ive tested this out, the streak freeze works only for about 20-30 days before disabling, but i have enough lingots to give you some :)


Is there any way to tell how old mine is?


meh, keep track of the days? that is the way i did :p


Bah, I should have said I don't care about the lingots! lol All of you were very sweet to share them with me; I wasn't anticipating that or I'd have said something. I have plenty. :)

What I care about is the streak! lol It should be nearly double what it is right now. sigh

But thank you all. smiles sheepishly

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