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"Hva er den trettende måned i den kinesiske kalender?"

Translation:What is the thirteenth month in the Chinese calendar?

May 30, 2015



Hvorfor ikke "den kinesiske kalenderen"?


Very old and established institutions use the "Danish" method of noun/adjective pairing, forgoing the final postfix -en or -et. "Den kinesiske kalender" is like "Det hvite hus" or "Det franske akademi." It goes without the Norwegified ending.


Mange takk for svaret ditt. Det hadde jeg ikke tenkt på. Hver dag lærer jeg noe nytt om norsk.


There's an elegance to the Norwegian method. I rather like it.


Hvorfor ikke "den trettende måneden"? Same as per explanation above?

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The Leap Month? The Synchronising Month? Anyone? I'd like to know! :0)


It's not the Chinese calendar but there's a thirteenth month in a proposed but never adopted calendar called 'Sol'

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It is, indeed, The Chinese Calendar.

"To prevent the lunar calendar from becoming more than half a month out of sync with the solar calendar, an extra 'leap month' is added in the Chinese calendar every 32 or 33 months. So every second or third Chinese calendar year has 13 months and 383–385 days."

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