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  5. "Please look at me."

"Please look at me."

Translation:Bonvolu rigardi min.

May 30, 2015



I translated it as "Bonvole rigardu min". The preposition is optional here (as it always is if the meaning of the sentence is clear without it), and "please look" can be expressed just as well as "please"-adverb + "look"-imperative ("bonvole rigardu") as "please"-imperative + "look"-infinitive ("bonvolu rigardi").


Why is it not "Bonvolu regardas min"?


Bonvolu is in the imperative form, so it's already conjugated, thus *rigardi just be in it's infinitive.


I still don't understand. Is bonvolu a verb here? That's confusing because I don't think of Please as a verb in English.


Is bonvoli a verb? If so, does it have a meaning of its own or is it like "jen" which has no meaning when it's by itself? Or is it not a verb at all but some other kind of word which seems to be conjugated like a verb?


"Bonvoli" is "bone voli. I think it could be translated as "to kindly want".

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