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  5. "You don't need seven cars!"

"You don't need seven cars!"

Translation:Vi ne bezonas sep aŭtojn!

May 30, 2015


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You don't know my life!

June 6, 2015


I beg to differ, Duo!

May 30, 2015


When did aûtomobilo change to "aûto" in Standard Esperanto? I used the non-shortened form and was gonged wrong.

November 24, 2016


Teach Yourself Esperanto uses aŭtomobilo. Worth reporting, probably. I have no idea when, or if, the standard has changed.

May 1, 2017


You are right! I remember now. And "garage" was "aûtomobil-ej-o." Also, it happens that Norwegian uses the word "bil" for car....

May 1, 2017


û? esperanto doesn't use that. if you can't use u breve use ux

August 15, 2018


Though I have no idea why Esperanto defines specific accents, if you can't use u breve, you're cooked. A work-around was defined for this, but Duolingo doesn't support it. What then is the wiser choice: Adding an extra letter to destroy the word, or typing a slightly different accent?

July 15, 2019


Vi estas strigo, Duo. Vi volas flugxi

April 27, 2018


Kial ne 'bezonu'?

November 19, 2017


It doesn't make sense to use the imperative with the verb 'to need'. You're not making them not need a car, you're stating that they don't need a car.

December 9, 2017


I wrote "sep aŭtojn vi ne bezonas" and was marked wrong for putting the subject after the object. Is this syntax really not accepted in Esperanto, or is it just that the course writers didn't expect anyone to try it?

December 21, 2017
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