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  5. streak freeze didn't work


streak freeze didn't work

i applied a freeze on the 29th of may when i was on a 67 streak, it said freeze applied in the lingo store. today is 30th of may 2015 and i'm back down to zero.


May 30, 2015



So you practiced on the 28th but not on the 29th? And you bought the streak on the 29th but did not meet your goal that day?


yes, correct.


Hm, usually trouble with streak freezes end up being that the freeze was used earlier without the user noticing because time zones or internet connections caused a day to be missed. But if you had the freeze on the 29th, you should have still seen a flame on the 30th, it just wouldn't have had a checkmark next to it.

I'm sorry, I don't know what happened here!


I lost 90 day steak this week :( pretty sure the freeze was enabled... Anyone know what happens at 100 days? That's the worst part is getting close to finding out and being denied!


Nothing big, honestly. If you're in the group that gets lingots for streaks, you would have gotten 10 lingots. But no dancing owl, confetti, nothing exciting.

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