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Can't find correct account

Duolingo was crashing on my phone, so my friend figured he would log back in and out. Unfortunately, I didn't know my account name and I lost it. I've tried every email address I've ever used, and still can't find it. I had about seven weeks of learning German on there. There's no way it was created without an associated email, right?

Can anyone help me find my lost account?

May 30, 2015



I assume you tried the "reset my password" for all the accounts, and Duolingo responded that the email was not on file? Sometimes "wrong password" notifications just say "wrong username OR password" rather than "wrong email account" or "wrong username."

Did you search for "Duolingo" in all your old email accounts? (That you still can access, that is.) You should have gotten a confirmation email at some point.

Is it possible that you used a Facebook or Google login rather than an email-based login?

Good luck!


I did. I checked every email account, and I had no emails from duolingo to begin with. I tried a Facebook login, but it took me to a "getting set up" page, so I figure it wasn't there.


Darn! I should have known it wouldn't be that easy.

What about searching in the forums for posts you may have made/commented on recently? Do you have any real-life Duo friends whose friendslists you can peruse for a name you recognize?


I've never posted nor did I have friendslists. :/



Ok, well, how were you hoping Duo could retrieve your information? If you can't remember your username or your email...what info do you have that might be useful in looking up your account? (I'm not asking for your mother's maiden name or your first pet, just wondering what categories you do recall.)


It is possible to create an account with incorrect or non existent e-mail addresses.

If you cannot remember your password then you may have to create a new account and test out of the tree to see where it gets you. You will not have wasted everything but it will at least get you back somewhere near where you were on the tree.

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