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"How many women live in France?"

Translation:Kiom da virinoj loĝas en Francio?

May 30, 2015



What is the difference between loĝas and vivas?


You probably haven't reached the "Home" skill where they have that explanation, so I'll copy paste it here:

loĝi - to live, to reside, to dwell (in a specific place)

vivi - to live, to be alive (the state of being)

In essence it's the same distinction as habitar/vivir (ES), habitar/viver (PT), habiter/vivre (FR), but I'm not sure if "vivi" can penetrate the realm of "loĝi" like it does in these languages - I think they're best kept separate.


No, I haven't quite got there yet. But thank you for that!

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