"Hva spiser hester?"

Translation:What do horses eat?

May 30, 2015

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Mmm. Thought it was "Who eats horses?"

Lookin at you, Ikea.


Having trouble getting my head around the rule. Does this mean that "Hvem spiser kjillinger?" could mean both "Who eats chickens?" and "Who do chickens eat?"


No, just "Who eats chickens?" :)


Then what would 'Who do chickens eat?' be?


Who = hvem, so hvem spiser.... whereas "what" would chickens eat would be more correct english, ergo Hva spiser kyllingen


I'm still waiting


I wrote "what are the horses eating" and it was deemed wrong!


Hester is 'horses'. The horses would be 'Hestene'.


thank you, i was going to ask what 'the horses' would be


would you care to elaborate a little?


With what has already been explained above, it sort of makes sense (thanks, Linn!)

Is it because if you're referring to a thing (animal) that eats the horse, you'd use "det" or some kind of personal pronoun, rather than a simple "What" or "who"?


How would you differentiate between "what eats horses" and "what do horses eat" with little to no context? Which one is more common?


Ĉevalo manĝas, ne manĝas Ĉevalon.


Why not "what are the horses eating"?


it seems more natural to me too, but they don't accept it because hester has no definite article, while "the horses" with the definite article "the" would be "hestene"


Then how would you say "What do the horses eat?" I'm new in this lesson but I have not yet come across the plural of a noun with a 'the' before it, and i'm curious as to how it would look.


Hva spiser hestene?


I put what eats horses and it took it


Question... hest is a single syllable so why does it get the plural ending? Is there some rule I am missing here?


I am new to learning Norwegian, so I may be incorrect. The notes for this section said that 'NEUTER single syllables' mainly stay the same. 'Hest' is a masculine noun, not neuter, and so, this might be why it gets the ending added onto it.


I wrote ,,Who eats horses,, and I think it was right. Lol, from now I´ll be vegetarian, better than eating horses, true?


I said "What are horses eating" and it is said to be wrong, but where can I see it in the original sentence?


OK, so I am confused on this and still am after reading the comments. Duo did take "What eats horses?" as an answer, but said "What do horses eat?" is also right. I thought Google Translate could help, so I typed in "What eats horses?" and got "Hva spiser hester?" But when I translated it back, it says "What do horses eat?"

So, my confusion comes from this. If I wanted to say, "What do birds eat?", I'd say, "Hva spiser fugler?" But how would I say, "What eats birds?" If it's the same, how would I know the difference? Would it just be context clues?


I put in “What are the horses eating”

thought it judged me wrong, but realised it means just “horses”...how do you say “the horses” and is “a horses” a thing in Norwegian?

[deactivated user]

    I said " what does a horse eat". Isn't it the same thing?


    And did Duolingo accept "What eats horses?" How would a Norwegian know if you are asking what horses eat or what eats horses?

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