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I've Finished My Esperanto Tree!!!

I've just finished my Esperanto tree and I am now super pumped!! I want to share the crazy awesome news with you guys so let me write about it!

I've been using Duolingo since April of 2013 and in of all that time I never completed a tree... Until now! I don't know why, but I sat down and told myself "alright, let's finish a tree today." And I did.

The first few lessons of the Esperanto tree were a breeze and had me believing that the entire language would be this easy. I know that it's said to be the easy language to learn, but you have to remember, it's still a language, and learning one is no easy task. Around the middle of the tree, I started getting discouraged from all the affixes to try and memorize, but I decided to push through. It started to click and the bottom of the tree became much easier and more enjoyable. All in all, I think I will still try to retain my new found knowledge of this awesome language. It's so much like the other romance languages in vocabulary, with little mixes of German and even Greek here and there. The purpose of this language is to bring people all over the world together and promote peace, and I think that's what motivated me to finish the course. So, let me give a big thank you to the Esperanto team for their hard work, because they made an amazing course (and with some of the best sentences I've ever seen too!!) and I hope everyone else enjoys learning this language.

If you want more practice, lernu.net has an Esperanto course and a good chatroom to practice with people all over the world (if you're not an adult/young adult you might need your parent's mission), and also look around and join a local Esperanto club. Don't forget to check out Pasporta Servo once you feel comfortable speaking Esperanto!!

Alright, I've been up for over 24 hours, so now I'm going to hit the hay. Happy language learning to everyone!

Dankon ĉiuj!!


May 30, 2015



Gratulegon!! Just curious, did you have any former knowledge of Esperanto before you started here? :)


A teensy tiny bit :) I know the history of the language and about Zamenhof. I have an account on lernu that I haven't used in months and I am a member of Esperanto-USA, yet somehow I never did study the language past say... 'la knabino havas hundon'.


Interesting, so glad we could help you!


I think esperanto will overtake Ukrainian and Norwegian in 2 days!


Well done. I'd been watching your progress and expecting you to be amongst the first handful of people to finish. You put a lot of effort in. First thing I did on Duolingo this morning was check the Esperanto forum to see if either you or Sheldolina had finished. I had a good nights sleep in contrast to your keeping up over 24 hours. I'm coming back to the last 10 skills, refreshed, and should finish sometime today.


I wish you happy language learning :)


Congrats! I got only about half way through it before I got mentally tired to the max so that's an amazing acomplishment!


Wow!! That is an AWESOME achievement!! : )


I think that's the most beautiful trophy >(^-^)<


Gratuloj al vi pro via mirinda atingo!

I was out of town when the course was released, but I hope to catch up with y'all soon!




I wish I was this committed


It's a miracle for me. I almost gave up a couple of times, but I just had to step away from the computer for a few minutes and push through!


How do you stay committed to learning? You got a lot of em languages going on simultaneously!


My OCD hates me haha! But I do have some I like to focus on. I'm hispanic but I practice my Spanish on here whenever i feel like i'm getting rusty, I love nordic/Scandinavian culture so I also started working on those, German for heritage reasons like Spanish, Irish because i'll be staying in a Gaeltacht for a week in Ireland this summer, Esperanto for the competition of finishing first, and the rest are just for fun when I'm bored and not motivated at the moment for the other languages.


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Basically I'm obessed with having things in a certain order or doing certain things, such as obsessive language learning haha


Nice!! I just started mine. How long did it take for you to finish? :D


Somewhere around 30(+) hours I think!


Awesome!! You're pretty smart and fast!! :D


Congratulations =)


Congratulations! I'm not far behind you - I kept falling asleep yesterday 8-o

Hopefully will join you later today.


I envy your being able to sleep. I'm really trying right now, but I am so awake and energetic but my eyes and head hurt!


I felt like of like that when I finished my Ukrainian tree, and I took longer about that! You reminded me of this guy:

You probably need to lie down in a darkened room till all the voices stop talking ;)


I think you should put this discussion on the Global discussion so that people will see it! Congratulations!


Thank you! And that sounds good


Woah fast reply! Have 4 lingots [because I hate it when my lingots don't end with 0]


Aww haha dankon!


Congrats!!!! So, how much you can read of Esperanto now? Edit: It's not all, 8 more skills are coming in tree Esperanto 2.0


A fair amount i'd say! Translating the sentences from Esperanto to English was the easy part!


Congratulations! That's amazing.

When you've gone through something very quickly, the old adage really is true: Use it or lose it. Right away start listening, or reading, or maybe going through the tree again. I bet that the course developers would love more feedback if you go through the tree a second time.


I plan on it, but a little slower this time ;)


Whoa! That was fast!! Well done!


Congrats! Now I feel slow, I'm only planning to finish it in 10 days! :)


Ŝajne vi rajtas preni kvincent lingotojn: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/8838321


Cool! Congrats!


OMGGG So fast!!!



Congrats, that was fast!


Congrats! You did an amazing job.


Congrats! People like you motivate me


You are so good!



N.K.D. ( = nekredeble). Kaj tiom simpatia persono laŭ la video de amuzulo.

julesmGGF, ĉu vi interesiĝas pri Esperanto-muziko? Aŭ muziki mem (ekzemple kanti, ludi la gitaron, ukulelon aŭ iun ajn muzikilon)?


Jes, mi ludas la gitaron reale


Bonege! Ĉu vi interesiĝas pri lernado de Esperanto-kantoj? Mi havas tekstojn kaj akordojn. Kaj ekzistas Youtube-videoj por aŭskulti la originalojn.


Mi interesigxas ankaux!


Haha, Gunnar disvastigas la ukulelo-viruson!


Mi celas ke li faras ukulelokurson en Esperanto-renkontiĝoj.


Interesting. I thought that when you finished the tree you would get the full 25. Weird!


Congratulations! That's awesome.

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