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She contributes to eating the meat.

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"Elle contribue à manger la viande." = "She contributes to eating the meat." I'm not really sure what the English translation is supposed to mean, can anyone enlighten me? Or maybe a different translation of the French sentence?

May 16, 2012



If you're wondering whether the sentence or the translation is idiomatic or something, the answer is no. It's just as weird in French as it is in English.

I mean, they're fine grammatically, but as Frologics said, it evokes the image of a group effort to eat up some meat and a woman doing her share of the chore.

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Aha. So it's kind of like they are working on a meat-eating project, and the female is pulling her weight. Now I get it. Thanks for the answers guys!


This is quite similar to one of the first sentences in my Spanish lessons, "la caballo bebe la cerveza". I mean.. who is providing this horse with beer?!

  • Le chien boit du vin

Btw, it may be actually lethal for dogs, don't do it.


Uh oh.. ever since that lesson I've been pouring my pup une ptite verre with dinner! I'm suing duolingo.. who's with me?! :) At least the bizarre sentences keep it interesting


Yeah, I heard it is a conspiracy to make us learn more ^^


...He lives in an apple...


This was a sentence about either a worm, or Steve Jobs.


Actually, it's very relevant to Apple Cult hipsters so it's not that far-fetched. They DO live in an Apple.


It refers to a female helping others to eat a piece of meat (which I assume is large). Or it may just be referring to a female eating meat


ROFL -- I like the answers to this. I found this weird as well. I don't think contribue should be translated as "contributes" in this context. It should be more like, "She helps eat the meat." You wouldn't use "aide" there since that has a totalyl different meaning. Some of these translations are awkward when out of context.


Yes, there are some pretty bizarre sentences. Sometimes the very wierdness helps the grammar to stay in my memory - I wondered if there was method in their madness


Many of the verbs used in this section (Verbs present 3) make for strange translations. I think Duolingo has chosen verbs which sound the same as the English equivalent or similar but not ones in common use. But when you do a more sensible translation they mark it wrong LOL.


This is one of many lesson sentences which I find confusing based on their surrealism. I wonder if the content writers had a point for these kinds of sentences or if they were just being weird.


In English, I think this would be most idiomatically "She partakes of the meat" which would not be a surreal usage at a large family dinner where a meat dish is carved and served at the table.

Whether Duolingo allows this is another matter.


Clearly they're at Texas de Brazil


@ cathbot: the worm!

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