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  5. "Who is driving the train?"

"Who is driving the train?"

Translation:Treni kim sürüyor?

May 30, 2015



Why not kulaniyor instead of sürüyor?

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Is there a difference between kullanmak and sürmek?


Not really when you are talking about vehicles. However, they are not interchangeable outside of the context of vehicles.


Why not "kim treni sürüyor"?


i think it is correct too. However it feels like that there many people and each drives a vehicle such as train, car and bus. then you ask 'who is the one driving train?'


When you hover over "driving" you get "Kullanmak" or "surmek". Aren't those the wrong forms of the verb?


Those are infinitive but it seems that infinitives in Turkish can take the form of English gerunds. For example, "giving is better than receiving" would, in the Turkish, use the infinitive form of give and receive. I think. Correct me if I'm wrong, please :-)


Those are correct. Another way to translate an infinitive is to say 'to verb', so in that example you could say “To give is better than to to receive,” and it means the same thing.

But there are -ing words in English where you cannot say 'to verb,' such as “you are coming”, “you are eating”, or, as in this sentence, “you are driving.” Those are gerunds. You can change the 'verbing' to 'to verb', but it sounds archaic and does not mean the same thing.

Hope that answers your question.


Actually, in "you are eating", "eating" is not a gerund but a present (active) participle. In "I like eating" or "eating is important", it is a gerund. There is a lot of confusion because in English, the gerund and the present participle both end in -ing.


Now When I ask the question, I will get an answer such as: BENIM! Although this means my... So why do they say this? Also when they say for example IT IS ME in turkish, it will be BENIM BEN! Why is this?


"Who is driving the train?" Translation: Treni kim sürüyor?

No one is driving the train. The DLR is fantastic to travel on. But you have to live & work in the best city in the world - London to know that. Jealous?

Yes - The DLR is driver-less.

Docklands Light Railway.

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