"Japanio kaj Ĉinio estas landoj en Azio."

Translation:Japan and China are countries in Asia.

May 30, 2015

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Esperanto sentences are always sounding like a poem, aren't they? At least I think so.


I just noticed the rhyme too and I'm pretty sure I wrote this sentence. So cool! :)


Sad that my country is never in these activities:(


Me too! What country are you from? I'm from Greenland and it seems the word has forgotten about us!


Just wondering -- would you consider Greenland to be a country?


Yes, we're just part of the Kingdom of Denmark, but that's just like Denmark being a part of the EU, Greenland is very different. I also consider the Faroe Islands, a part of the Kingdom of Denmark (and also the most beautiful place in the world) its on country. So yes, I consider Greenland its own country.


Yes, it's just not a sovereign country. Just like Scotland or Wales.


Thanks for that wording, that sums it up. When I say I consider Greenland a separate country, I'm not trying to start a secessionist movement or anything, I'm from Denmark originally. People here just identify as Greenlandic (unless they're Danish like me). When I moved here, I though of it as moving to another country, not moving to another place of Denmark. I consider myself an "expat" I guess, I'm a Dane in Greenland, not a Dane in the Kingdom of Denmark.


Do you speak Greenlandic? Is it frequently used in your country? I'm asking because it's a very interesting language).


So your saying that Greenland is an nation, not a country?


Esperanto seems to be the only course that mentions mine!

[deactivated user]

    Ĉu ĝi estas Togolando?


    Ne, Aŭstralio! One would have thought that Australia might have gotten a few more mentions...

    [deactivated user]

      Jes. Mi samopinas.


      Ameriko, Eŭropo, Afriko, Azio what else? (Continents)

      [deactivated user]

        Oceanio (, antarkta). Ankaŭ vi povas fendi Amerikon en Nordameriko kaj Sudameriko.


        My phone will only let me do a C with the circumflex accent opening up. How am i supposed to get it opening down?


        If you don't want to or aren't able to install an Esperanto keyboard, Duo also accepts the x-system, which is quite common in Esperantujo. So you can just type "Cxinio" (or "jxusta" or "auxto" or whatever the word is).


        I seem to have a problem with the cx letter in particular. All the other letters work fine. Anyone else?


        Here are two sentences inspired by this sentence-poem:

        • Kostariko kaj Meksiko estas landoj en Ameriko.

        • Sudafriko kaj Mozambiko estas landoj en Afriko.

        I can't think of one for Europe, however.

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