"Це восьмий поверх?"

Translation:Is this the eighth floor?

May 30, 2015

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This should actually be "seventh floor", because in Ukraine (and Russia as well) they count ground floor as a first floor.

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Since this building has at least 8 levels, it most likely has an elevator, and then you should use whatever numbers on the elevator buttons are.

Of course, it helps if they are labelled correctly:


This would depend on which variant of English you're translating to/from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Storey#Numbering =) And thank you for highlighting that - it is an important point to know about this phrase, in my opinion.


Good point I had no idea about it. This means that the translation would be correct in America but not in Europe.


Absolutely not. If I told you to go to the apartment on the eighth floor, why would you press seven? This has no relation to how a building's floors are numbered. I agree that what would be confusing would be on the way down and how the ground floor is labeled. If that is what you meant.


You're absolutely right, however I believe it would be very confusing to the learners.


It would be confusing, but it should definitely correspond to the realia.


I'm sorry, but I would never translate 7 as 8.

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    It depends on context and there is none.


    It's not about context. It's about how a nation counts its buildings' floors. In the U.S.A., the first floor is on the street level. In the U.K., the first floor is above the street level, above the ground floor. So, a British first floor would be an American second floor.

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      It depends on whether I want to describe how high something is or identify the floor for giving directions and on the audience.

      If I'm taking to another Brit about how high up an office of flat is I'll use the UK system, but if I'm giving directions - especially if there is a lift involved - I'll use whatever the local system is.


      It's either the seventh or the eighth, no matter what country you're in. Unless you omit a floor, like in America, there's no "thirteenth" floor. It's always numbered 14 due to superstition.

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