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"Antalya is a city in the south of Turkey."

Translation:Antalya Türkiye'nin güneyinde bir şehir.

May 30, 2015



Well, with this question I have hit Level 25 and every skill is gold. I think this is where I stop doing the Duolingo Turkish course. I have spent quite a bit of time here, and it was such a useful place to start learning Turkish. Thank you so much to everyone who worked to build and maintain the course, to those who ask good questions, and to those who answer them. This is a great language course, and I am grateful to you all.


Could you use "güneyindeki" in this sentence? If not, why? In English, I would say: "Antalya is a city that is in Turkey's south." And that would seem to call for "-deki."


yes you can say güneyindeki


I rote Antalya Türkiye'nin güneyindeki bir şehirdir. But didn't accept it :((..


It is true but "güneyinde" is more common. You should report it.


What is the problem with "Antalya Güney Türkiye'deki bir şehir"?


Two things:

  1. Usually the "-ki" suffix is used when the next noun is definite. So, with a "bir" it sounds weird. We would just say: "Güney Türkiye'de bir şehir".

  2. We don't say "Güney Türkiye" "Kuzey Türkiye". It's not used for Turkey. For any other country, it's fine, but for Turkey, the regions have their own names, so we don't really use the cardinal directions as adjectives. Güney Türkiye would be "Akdeniz Bölgesi" (Mediterranean Region), Kuzey Türkiye would be "Karadeniz Bölgesi" (Blacksea region) etc.

But it's totally fine to say: Kuzey Fransa, as we can't know what each part of every country is called. :)


Thank you, that really makes sense!


I have completed the duolingo turkish course, but still cannot understand a fluently spoken turkish sentence, let alone speak it. Does anyone have any tips or any websites which might halp my speak fluent turkish. Also this is not to say that the duolingo course is ineffective. I understand that it aims to get you started on the language learning process and it does an Amazing job at it. So thank you so much duolingo team for teaching me and being the only platform who would do it for free. Alex and selcen, your answers have helped me quite a lot so thanks to you a lot. Teşekkürler Duo!


I have had the same problem. I can tell you what I have done. First I did the reverse tree here in Duolingo. Then I did the tree German for Turkish people as I am German. In the meantıme I finished these and now I am in the crown level with those three trees. I am still repeating them and I will do ıt untıl I will be able to solve each lesson there without problems in the timed practıce mode. Furthermore I loaded the app "Hello talk" on my phone, where you can get into contact with many Turkish people learning English or German, which helps a lot. It is free of charge. Then I started to help others here. Answering their questions here in the comments is helping me as well, because this way I am reflecting the things once again. In the meantime I am starting to understand spoken Turkish, so that I think that the way I am going is not wrong. Some people here recommended to follow with https://learnturkısh.com/doys/ögrence or https://utos.yazar.edu.tr./portal. I didn't try until now but I will do. Hope this will help you.


Çok teşekkürler. Also there's this YouTube channel called FC langMedia that i find very helpful for turkish grammer. Maybr it can help you out as well. I will definitely try to do all that you recommended. Thank you


Rica ederim. You are welcome. And thank you for mentıonıng the you tube channel. I will have a look.


I wrote Türkiye'nin güneyinde Antalya bir şehir. Why is it wrong?


Edit: I think "is a city" comes at the end because the verb "is" gets associated with "city", and the verb must come at the end of the sentence.

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