This may have already been asked... But, what is a good Esperanto dictionary?

May 30, 2015


My favourite is: It is very detailed, cohesive and informative. But it is an Esperanto-Esperanto dictionary!

Dankon. Hopefully I will be good enough to use one like that in the not so distant future. :) But I will definitely check it out. Who knows, maybe I can learn a few things with what I know now.

another good online dictionary is the "reta vortaro":

Google Translate extension for Chrome (here) is an excellent tool for translating on a web page. You just have to select a word or text and it will be translated.

The first Esperanto dictionary of course is the one that is part of the "Fundamento de Esperanto", which one can use for translations from Esperanto to English, German, French, Russian and Polish:

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