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"Fulmotondro konsistas el tondro kaj fulmo."

Translation:A thunderstorm consists of thunder and lightning.

May 30, 2015



Couldn't you also translate "fulmotondro" as "a thunderstorm" or something similar? I thought of the Dutch word "onweer", but I can't manage to translate that into English exactly.


Fulmotondro comes from the verb Tondri (to thunder). It is then converted into a noun --> Tondro and then Fulmo (lightning) is prepended -- thus: Fulmotondro (thunderstorm). [Source: La Esperanta Vortaro and some various notes I've taken.]

However the phrase of this thread is essentially telling us how the word is built ^.^ (something of which I had briefly forgotten while composing this response -- and then became reminded once more after accidentally scrolling to the top of the page :))

Onweer is an interesting word. You probably know this, or could decipher this on your own, but onweer could be interpreted literally as un-weather. I've read some about its possible etymologies (primarily the prefix on-).

I've noticed a pattern amongst many Germanic roots regarding the prefix un- (or on- or a similar variation). One common apparent meaning of the prefix is as a pejorative or negation prefix. Other etymologies note an oppositional role -- similar to the Esperanto prefix mal-. If I recall correctly there is an Esperanto affix -aĉ-, which is used to add a pejorative connotation to a word.


"a thunderstorm" is now the recommended/default translation :)


Thunderstorm seems better, yes. Put it under the exercise, if possible.


I wanted to say that a thunderstorm "consists of thunder and storm".


Kial "consistS"? Estas ja du subjektoj, mi do atendis pluralon.


Because in this case, the first "Thunder and lightning" is just considered one noun. (because of the compound word).


That kind of definition is considered by French people as a "vérité de La Palisse"... Can you find another more appropriate sentence?


Kial "out of" malbonas?

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