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"Das ist der Vater ihres Mannes."

Translation:That is her husband's father.

September 29, 2013



i wrote "this" instead of "that" in my translation. duo doesn't accept it. why? why must i use here only "that" for "das" in this sentence?


Duolingo accepted "this" for my answer, so the problem seems to have been fixed now.


both should be ok. Eventhough "This" would be translated as "Dies" in Germany, it is much more natural to just say "das", no matter how far away or close that father is.


that's what exactly confuses me. because duo sometimes accepts both "that" and "this" as "das", even though there is no "Dies" in the sentence. then why isn't this one accepted as correct?


if you stumble over that again, just report it. It should be accepted.


In my opion is it nor clear, if the man stand near to the speaker or not. So both should be accepted in this case. Report it.


in this case the "father" could be in the same room or just on a photo


the problem is that how one can understand what kind of a situation it is by looking at this sentence. i just cannot find a clue to choose "that" specifically.


What is the grammar explanation behind "ihres Mannes"?


It is the genitive case (possessive). In the sentence "That is the father of her husband", "her husband" is not the subject nor the object nor indirect object of the sentence - it merely serves to further define father. Not the father of my child, nor the father of her friend, but the father of her husband. When it's the genitive case, the endings can change for nouns, adjectives and articles. Here is a link that describes it.


About halfway down that article you will see where it says "The same endings are used for the negative indefinite article (kein-), and the possessive pronouns, mein- (my), dein- (your, used to a friend), sein- (his), ihr- (her and their), unser- (our), euer/eur- (your, if addressing a group), Ihr- (your if addressing an authority figure, always capitalized). The chart nearby shows the -es ending.


Thank you very much!


Is the -es ending in the word Mannes or any other genitive-conjugated nouns always pronounced with strong 'e' sound like in the audio here?


I don't think so although I found this: http://fr.forvo.com/search-de/Mannes/ with the last syllab stressed. However, in other words the first syllab is stressed: "Junges" - http://fr.forvo.com/search-de/junges/; "Sohnes" - http://fr.forvo.com/search-de/Sohnes/. Native German speakers, please clarify!


"That is the father of her husband" fails, should it?

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No. It should not fail. Duo has failed to include several correct variations as acceptable answers in several of these exercises which use the genitive case; this an unfortunate oversight which has seemingly persisted for many years.


"that is the father of her husband"

is just as correct.


Has anyone tried "That is her father-in-law"? Bet it won't be accepted.


father-in-law = Schwiegervater. Ein Schwiegervater ist der Vater eines Gatten (maybe)

I didn't find a declension at the link provided by BenUserName below; however, I did find one in the Duden. I think "eines Gatten" is correct.


Thank you for the correction, BenUserName.


Just did, having not looked here. You are right...it wasn't taken.


Tried it - it wasn't accepted. Given that it's a synonym (the more common term in American English), I feel like it should be accepted.


I haven't tried it but does the sentence "that is the father of their husband" work? It would be funny, if it did. I think it should anyway because it is grammatically correct.... But maybe not politically correct :D


Why funny? There are so many men with more than one wife in the world...


I'm going to assume Vinnie is from America. It is illegal to be married to multiple people at once here. We don't see that often, so it is funny to them.


I wrote That is the father of their man and was accepted. I only realized that this was talking about her husband after I read the comments here. :)

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What an odd answer to accept when the more common sense answers seem to be refused.


"That is father of her husband" is not accepted accusing that the "that is" should be "that's". Isn't it the same?


You need "the" before "father".


Yes - "that's" a contraction for "that is". It is the same.


The translation duo gave me was "This is the father of their man"


If the sentence were "That is her husband." then husband would be the direct object. If it were "That is the father." then father would be the direct object. Am I right? But since the sentence is "That is the father of her husband." that puts husband in genitive and I guess father in nominative?


that is the father of her Husband?


I had "That is the father of her husband" marked wrong when it means exactly the same!!


'That is the father of her husband' is incorrect? I have reported this error. Duolingo can be wrong and inconsistent.

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